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Real Estate Side Hustle

The real estate business is a dinosaur, very slow to change and gigantic! Real estate is a 17 trillion dollar industry in the US alone. When people think of working in real estate they think of agents, architects, and developers. With modern tech there is a new category of work that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, real estate speculation.

Real estate speculators are people who scour through the millions of active listings trying to find good investments to present to people who might buy them. A buyer could be a real estate developer or a family member. Every property has some information about it online and every property for sale is definitely listed on Zillow, Redfin or Realtor. Those sites focus on “existing structures” or homes for sale. Where you can truly dive into real estate speculation is

FliPro is completely free and has two main use cases, Fix and Flip and Develop. Fix and Flip mode allows you to click on active listings and see how much comparable homes sold for in that neighborhood. It then generates a profit estimation of how much you could make if you were to renovate and flip the property. Develop mode breaks down the zoning code, creates a 3D structure of the maximum buildable area, generates a construction cost and profit estimation. This mode is for building new structures.

You might be asking yourself, how much can I make as a real estate speculator? You can request between 1-35% of the agent fees as your finder’s fee. Agents are not required to pay this, but finder’s fees are standard in most home sales. Agents usually make 5-6% of the final sale price, so if you find a buyer for a 1 million dollar house you could make anywhere from $500-17,500 on a single deal! 

Mastering the site FliPro is easy and could net you a finder’s fee. It’s a great way to enter the real estate market and find some great investments. Get your real estate side hustle going today with 

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